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5 Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

By: Inter Valley Health Plan

It seems that new technology can bring out the worst in people. While mobile phones seem to accentuate people's rudeness, there's no need to be one of the "uncouth masses." Master your mobile-phone manners, and you'll be a model of digital-lifestyle politeness. Here are a few mobile phone etiquette tips to get you started.

Go Silent at the Movies
There's nothing more distracting in a movie theater than cell phones ringing and beeping like a choir of unwanted electronic crickets. They make it impossible to concentrate on the action or dialog. Be considerate of your fellow moviegoers, and set your phone to vibrate. Also make sure your phone is silent when you receive texts. The same courtesy applies in church, meetings, golf games, and libraries.

Don't Shine in the Darkness
Another movie-related tip: don't operate your phone in a darkened movie theater if it means activating your screen. The glow of your phone competes against the brightness of the screen. (Even Madonna was slammed for texting during a movie.) Next time you're at a movie, wait till it's done to look up Tom Cruise's filmography or to Tweet your favorite dialog.

Let It Ring, Let It Ring
When you're in a face-to-face conversation and your phone rings or you get a text, don't simply answer it or check the text. First ask, "Do you mind if I check that?" Wait for an answer; your conversation partner may actually mind. Don't assume that just by asking you have done your duty. Then, be willing to wait until your conversation is done to see who was trying to reach you. To be extra considerate, silence your phone for the remainder of the conversation.

Keep It Down in Public
Mobile phone users tend to talk far too loudly when in public. Don't be a shouter! Always keep your voice at a moderate level or even a bit lower than usual. Speaking on a mobile phone is sort of like speaking directly into someone's ear; a little volume goes a long way. The low-voice rule is doubly true when you're having a heated personal conversation. Never shout or yell on your mobile phone in public. The sheer loudness is incredibly annoying to others, besides, no one wants to hear your relationship problems.

Don't Look It Up
In the middle of a mobile phone conversation, there's little that's more annoying to your conversation partner than if you stop talking and look up something on your phone. While you're doing research, they're simply unable to communicate with you. Worse, if they suddenly need to end the conversation, they're placed in the awkward position of having to hang up without telling you first. To avoid these problems, explain first that you need to look something up. Then, ask if the other person minds if you hang up, do some research, and then call back afterward with the needed information.

Article From Inter Valley Health Plan


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