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The Importance of Traditions

By: Inter Valley Health Plan

When you think of your favorite holiday, you probably are flooded with memories of all the foods, places and activities associated with that day – these are the traditions we enjoy year after year with friends and family. Buying your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving; kissing your loved one at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve; going to the same restaurant every year for Valentine’s Day; or even going to the beach on the 4th of July. These are all traditions. Traditions are what keep families and friends connected and rooted in the same history, love and values. They are a huge piece of our culture. 

Some traditions (depending on what it is) can seem silly, inconvenient or even tedious sometimes; and yet, we still find ourselves doing them year after year. And while traditions are intended to bring enjoyment into our lives, they have a much deeper, more meaningful purpose in our lives that contribute to our overall sense of community and belonging.  

Here are the reasons why keeping up with your traditions can be so important for your overall health and happiness:

1.     Traditions serve as a catalyst for creating lasting memories with your family and friends, which give us a more solid sense of connectedness and love in our communities.

2.     They provide a forum to celebrate the things that matter most in our lives, with the people who matter most to us.

3.     They reinforce the values that are most important to our community of family and friends, whether they be love, freedom, faith, selflessness or just pure fun.

4.     They are a fun way to reconnect and rekindle relationships with friends and family who you may not have seen for a while.

5.     Provides a chance to share your stories and pass down family history  to children and grandchildren to be enjoyed by future generations.

Be proud of the traditions that you uphold and have created in your life. They help to root us into a larger shared purpose with those in our communities and keep us emotionally and mentally grounded.

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